We use zero and low-emission drives – we care for our planet.

We eliminate noise from city streets – we care for the surroundings.
We ensure the safety and comfort of traveling – we care for passengers.

AUTOSAN is a company created for generations … by generations!










Tradition and new quality of passenger transport Hydrogen – fuel of the future

"Hydrogen strategy for climate-neutral Europe" published by the European Commission in 2020, as well as the plans of individual European Union member states confirm that hydrogen has a chance to become the fuel of the future. AUTOSAN is a founding member of the Podkarpacka Dolina Wodorowa association, which was established almost at the same time as the adoption of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy. The company already offers a zero-emission hydrogen-powered bus. In cooperation with other members of the association, it will strive to develop and popularize hydrogen technologies used, inter alia, in transport.

Tradition and new quality of passenger transport Ecology, comfort, technology

AUTOSAN sp. z o.o. is a Polish manufacturer of buses with a tradition dating back to 1832. AUTOSAN buses are well known in Poland, as well as in many places around the world. The factory produced almost 115,000 vehicles. The current offer includes buses for city, suburban and intercity transport, meeting the highest European standards, equipped with zero-emission electric and hydrogen drives, low-emission gas and traditional drives.

The solutions used in AUTOSAN buses ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, care for the common surroundings and the natural environment.

Tradition and new quality of passenger transport 190th anniversary

2022 is a special year. AUTOSAN celebrates the 190th anniversary of its factory tradition, the production of which has changed and developed from steam boilers to hydrogen buses. In a way, history has come full circle: in the beginning, steam was propulsion, now it is the only side effect of hydrogen propulsion. The rich history of the company abounds in various vehicle models, often very innovative in modern times, the vast majority of which are the result of the design and technological thought of the factory employees. We are proud of our tradition and we pass it on from generation to generation!

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Rail stock


From steam to hydrogen

New power sources for the engines have made the history of Autosan gain momentum


Walenty Lipiński and Mateusz Beksiński establish a boilers’ plant. The history of the factory has been changing depending on domestic and European economic situation.

At the beginning of its activity, factory produced devices and equipment for the oil mining, distillery industry and brewing industry.


The first order for 4 wagons for the city of Krakow.


The first ten buses with wooden skeletons on the chassis of the Italian company Lancia leave the factory.


The first AUTOSAN zero-emission hydrogen bus is built.


Visit of the Ambassador of Japan

On Wednesday, August 3, the representatives of the Japanese Embassy in Poland, headed by Ambassador Akio Miyajima, visited AUTOSAN sp. z o.o.They were accompanied by the Mayor of Sanok, Tomasz Matuszewski, and the President of the Management Board of SPGK Sanok,...

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Local Government Hydrogen Company

On Monday, July 25 this year a press conference was held at the headquarters of the National Fund for Environmental Protection in Warsaw, during which the Mayor of Sanok Mr. Tomasz Matuszewski, announced the establishment of the first Local Government Hydrogen Company...

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