Management system

The Integrated Management System functioning in the Company meets the increasing requirements of our business partners. It meets the highest international standards in the field of quality management and promotes a comprehensive approach to quality in the activities carried out by each employee. It serves to meet the needs and expectations of customers at a sufficiently high level.

In accordance with the implemented procedures, all activities are carried out with special care for the natural environment of our Bieszczady region. The pro-ecological modernization of production processes is carried out successively, and appropriate technologies and devices are used to prevent environmental degradation.

The Integrated Management System adapted to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 3834-2, AQAP 2110, EN 15085-2 ensures the implementation of production processes in a repeatable manner, ensuring the required quality of products, while minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment and care for safe and hygienic working conditions of our employees.

The Management System creates conditions for continuous improvement of all activities carried out in a systemic and orderly manner.