Privacy policy

Respecting your right to privacy, and in the interest of the security of your personal data, AUTOSAN sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Sanok, ul. Lipińskiego 109, 38-500 Sanok (the „ “Company”) as the owner and administrator of the website, hereinafter referred to as the „Website” and the administrator of data collected and processed as part of the operation of the above-mentioned Website uses appropriate solutions.

This Privacy Policy explains how we use your personal data, how we collect and store it. By using the Website, you agree to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

We collect your personal data provided during the use of the Website with the utmost care and in accordance with applicable legal provisions, i.e.. the Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data and the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR), respecting the right to privacy protection and we guarantee all persons using the Website that the data provided will be properly protected against takeover by third parties.

We take special care to protect your interests, and in particular, we ensure that we collect your data for specified, legitimate purposes and do not subject it to further processing incompatible with those purposes. We make sure that your data is factually correct and adequate in relation to the purposes for which it is processed and stored for no longer than it is necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.

Who administers your personal data?

The administrator of your personal data is AUTOSAN sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Sanok, Lipińskiego 109, 38-500 Sanok, (the „Company”).

What data do we collect?

When using the Website, you may be asked to provide some of your personal data, in particular by filling out the subscription form for the newsletter service.
Dane gromadzone za pomocą ww.The data collected using the Wbesite form is your email address.
Providing that data is voluntary, but necessary in order to receive the newsletter.
We can also register your data when you contact us by phone, via email or traditional mail.
The Website also uses cookies to collect other, non-personal data. They are used to provide services at the highest level, in order to optimize the content available on the Website, to adapt them to the individual needs of each user, as well as for advertising and statistical purposes. You can read more about cookie pikes below.

How and under what legal basis do we use the collected data?

We use the data we collect to be able to contact you via email or by phone, to provide you with a newsletter service, to send you promotional and marketing materials and for other legally legitimate purposes.
In the case of data processing in order to provide the newsletter service and any related services, the legal basis for data processing is the performance of the agreement (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter b of GDPR).
Collecting of your personal data for marketing purposes (marketing own products), we do based on our legitimate interest (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter f of GDPR).
By contacting you and providing answers to previously sent messages and inquiries – we process your data due to the necessity of processing to perform the agreement (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter b of GDPR). We also collect your data to resolve complaints, assert and defend mutual claims – based on our legitimate interest (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter f of GDPR).

How long do we keep your data?

Your personal data is processed and stored for the period necessary for the performance of the agreement, and after this period for purposes and for time and to the extent required by law or to secure any claims, or until the consent is withdrawn – if the basis for processing was provided to us by your consent. .
The data processing period may be extended if the processing is necessary to establish, assert or defend against possible claims, as well as at the request of competent public authorities, and after this period, only in the case and to the extent required by law .
After the processing period, the data is irreversibly deleted or irretrievably anonymized.

What are your rights with respect to your personal data?

You have the right to access the data and demand their correrction, deletion, processing restrictions, the right to data transfer and the right to object to the processing of data, to the extent to which we process your data on the basis of consent, and the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the legality of the processing, which was made on the basis of the consent before its withdrawal.
In case of any doubts related to the processing of your personal data, you can ask us for information. Regardless of this, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body – the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Who do we share your data with?

In connection with perofmance of the services available on the Website, we provide the collected personal data to the companies that provide services in the field of ICT, and marketing activities for us – under the relevant agreements entrusting the processing of personal data.

Security and confidentiality

We use all technical and organizational methods to ensure the security of your personal data and protect it against accidental or intentional destruction, accidental loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access. The information is stored and processed on servers with a high degree of security, with appropriate security measures that meet the requirements of Polish law.
We conduct risk analysis on an on-going basis to ensure that personal data is processed in a secure manner, ensuring, first of all, that only authorized persons have access to the data and only to the extent that is necessary due to the tasks performed by them. We make sure that all operations on personal data are registered and made only by authorized employees and associates.
We also take all necessary steps to ensure that our subcontractors and other cooperating entities guarantee that appropriate security measures are applied whenever they process personal data on our behalf.

Transmission of data to third countries / profiling

We do not transfer your data outside of Poland, the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA). If we intend to transfer your data outside of the EEA, which will happen only if the third country provides adequate data protection, we will inform you of this fact.
During the processing of your personal data, no decisions will be made automatically and no profiles will be created, which means that no actions referred to in Article 22 paragraphs 1 and 4 of GDPR will be taken.

Our contact details

You can contact us by writing to: AUTOSAN sp. z o.o., ul. Lipińskiego 109, 38-500 Sanok, by email: or by phone: (+48) 13 465 01 26.
In matters relating to the protection of personal data, it is possible to contact the data protection officer via email

Information about cookies

Please be advised that we use the cookie mechanism on the Website. The Website does not automatically collect any information, except for information contained in cookie files. The cookies are IT data, in particular text files, which are stored in the Website User’s end device and are intended for use of the Website. The cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the time they are stored on the end device and an individual number. The entity that places cookies on the Website User’s end device and gains access thereto is AUTOSAN sp. z o.o.

The cookies can be used for the following purposes:

– adapting the content of the Website pages to the User’s preferences, as well as optimizing the use of websites – those files allow in particular to determine the type of the Website User’s device and display a website that according to it is tailored to his/her individual needs;

– creating statistics that help to understand how Website Users use of websites – this allows improving the structure and content of the websites.

The Website uses two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies.. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the end device of the User until logging out, leaving the website or closing the software (web browser). Permanent cookies are files stored on the User’s end device for the time specified in the cookie file parameters or until they are deleted by the User.

The cookies files can be controlled by the User using the settings of own web browser. The administrator informs that the restrictions on the use of cookies can affect some of the functions available on the Website.

The administrator can also store standard Internet logs in which data about all users of the website is recorded. Those logs may contain information such as:

• Internet domain from which access to the website was obtained;

• user’s IP address (any computer used to view the contents of the network automatically receives the IP address. This address can be static or dynamic. A static IP address can allow to identify the user, whereas a dynamic address cannot usually be associated with the user);

• type of browser and operating system used;

• date and time of visiting the Website;

• displayed pages of the website;

• address of the website in which the link leading to our Website was clicked.

The above data is used only for the purposes of administering the server and is not associated with specific people using the Website.