Cabin model 890 and 891

Cabin model 890 and 891

The cabins are intended for installation of communication and radiolocation devices, and can also be adapted for other specialized purposes.

The interior meets electro-magnetic attenuation requirements of class B1, according to NO-06-A201 and NO-06-A200 standards. The interior is spatially and aesthetically finished and insulated with polyurethane foam.

Thanks to heating, air conditioning and ventilation, it is possible to ensure appropriate working and service conditions and the required microclimate of the interior at ambient temperatures from -40 ° C to + 55 ° C.

An overpressure of 200-400 Pa generated inside by filtration and ventilation system allows to attack contaminated areas without threat for the crew and inside equipment contamination.

The cabins can be transported on car, trailer and semi-trailer load boxes as well as by rail, ship or plane.

They are equipped with doors with an anti-burglary certificate in the RC3 class.

The cabins meet the requirements for splash-proof both while driving and when parked. They are a new generation structure and take into account the contemporary battlefield requirements in terms of meeting the requirements for the processing of classified information by ensuring EMC tightness, resistance to unauthorized access – the door with a system of locks, bolts and a mounted camera.

They have a product-type approval certificate issued by the Polish Register of Shipping.

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