Container model 887

Container model 887

The container is intended for the installation of electronic devices of mobile special objects. It consists of two compartments: machinery and operational. The operational compartment is electromagnetically attenuated in class B1 and has an appropriate indoor microclimate at an ambient temperature of -40 to + 55 ° C.

Machinery compartment is equipped with:

  • air conditioner condenser
  • electric and combustion heating
  • filter fan
  • contamination recognition instruments
  • anti-interference and network filters
  • sapper equipment
  • dehumidifier
  • maintenance-free batteries
  • equipment cabinet
  • fire-fighting equipment.

The operating compartment is prepared for the installation of electronic devices.

On the walls and on the floor there are the mounting rails.

Standard equipment:

  • air conditioner evaporators
  • heating channels
  • fire alarm installation
  • device power supply installation
  • air conditioning ducts
  • connection boards
  • device control boards
  • lighting installation
  • exhaust and sanitary installation.

The 887 container can be carried by all means of transport adapted to the transport of 1C containers (land, sea and air transport).

On an additional request, the container can be equipped with a set of lifts to be removed from the chassis of the vehicle and loaded onto the vehicle, and with a transshipment set for reloading from the vehicle to the wagon platform, with the possibility of leveling the height differences of the loading ramp and the wagon platform. The set of lifts can be an autonomous part of the container.

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